Enar Therapy System – helping the body help itself

(Electro Neuro Adaptive Regulator)
This interactive therapy device relieves acute and chronic pain, reduces disability, accelerates recovery and rehabilitation, treats hidden and referred pain, and helps to prompt natural self-regulation and healing.
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What is a the Enar Therapy System?

This hand-held Electro Neuro Adaptive Regulator works as an interactive therapeutic nerve energy stimulator device that seeks to facilitate proper nerve innervation and functioning.

There is specialised treatment for the different types of aches and pains.

Type of ache: Acute
• Recent injuries or dysfunction, with sudden onset of pain
• Important to treat the injury as soon as possible

Type of ache: Chronic
• Painful persistant problems which have developed slowly over time
• Often the problem has been there for 3 months and more.

Type of ache: Holistic
• Difficult and complex disorders involving several complaints
• Almost all conditons are related to other parts and problems within the body       • Chronic issues often have interelated areas that make them more complex.

Type of ache: Energetic

• Deeply entrenched problems
• And/or low energy resources
• Chronic issues often have interelated areas that make them more complex.

The ENAR  is essentially a nerve-energy stimulator-regulator that uses interactive Neuro-Innervation technology to prompt the body to heal itself.

ENAR Therapy is non-invasive and works directly and dynamically via its reflex bio-feedback and bio-feedforward capacity anywhere on the body. ENAR results with pain relief, disability reduction, functional improvement, and general health restoration can be exceptional.

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