How does it work?

As the true architects of skin, fibroblasts are responsible for creating the basic building blocks of the dermis, giving it density, softness, and radiance: collagen for firmness, elastin for suppleness, and hyaluronic acid for volume and hydration. Yet, as early as 25 years of age and despite a perfectly healthy lifestyle, the production of these rejuvenating substances slows.

Skin begins to sag and lose its density, creating wrinkles and furrows, mostly on the face, neck, décolleté and hands. Other external factors such as sun, stress, tobacco or even pollution can accelerate the appearance of wrinkles.




  • Smooth wrinkles

The production of new, good collagen and natural hyaluronic acid (+80%*) gives the dermis back some of its volume and thus “lifts” the bottom of the wrinkle. The synthesis of elastin (+46%*) makes the skin more supple and more resistant to multiple muscular micro-contractions, which are often the cause of “expression lines.”


  • Clarify the complexion

On the surface, skin is gently exfoliated, tissue is oxygenated, and microcirculation is stimulated for an even complexion.


  • Firm the skin

The skin loses firmness and tonicity, the nasolabial folds (laugh lines) become deeper, and the eyelids become droopy. The skin gradually distends, leading to a general sagging of the face. The natural production of the skin’s essential support fibers is reactivated from within – collagen, elastin (+46%*), and hyaluronic acid (+80%*) – for an immediate and lasting lifting effect.


  • Reduce the double chin

Double chin is hardly aesthetically pleasing, and it affects both men and women of all ages: it distorts your facial features and make your face heavier. It is generally caused by the accumulation of fatty masses, but can also arises as a side effect of sagging skin, due to reduced synthesis of natural collagen and elastin fibers. Stimulating adipocytes (fat cells) enables stored fat to be efficiently released so as to restore balance to the face’s volumes.




Which treatment is for me?

Anti-aging re-plumping ENDERMOLIFT: for faces prone to hollowed cheeks

  • Restores skin density for a natural volumizing effect
  • Doubles the skin’s “self-hydration” capacity
  • Smoothes wrinkles and fine lines


Anti-aging Firming ENDERMOLIFT: for faces prone to sagging

  • Firms skin for a natural lifting effect
  • Softens skin for better protection
  • Stems natural collagen destruction


Anti-aging re-sculpting ENDERMOLIFT: for faces prone to thickening

  • Activates the natural lipolysis process to refine skin
  • Eliminate toxins to reactivate your face’s radiance
  • Tightens skin pores



How much will it cost?

Single Session

Endermolift  1/2 Hour session                                                         $ 90.00

Endermolift One Hour session                                                        $175.00



Endermolift 1/2 session 10 Prepaid sessions                            $850 (Save $50)

Endermolift  1 hour session 10 Prepaid sessions                    $1550.00 (Save $200)


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