Lymphstar Pro/Fusion

Utilising electronic and manual stimulation for fluid acceleration
How does the Lymphstar Pro/Fusion work?

The Lymphstar Pro provides a unique type of low energy field:

The Lymphstar Pro is a therapeutic, vibrational, massage instrument with a unique combination of energetic modalities. These are:

1) physical vibration with sonic or acoustic waves

2) electro-static field

3) electro-pressure created by the use of multiple treatment points

All of these emissions are extremely low in energy so they are gentle and safe.
First, the pulsating sounds that are heard coming out of the control unit and from the therapy heads are the sonic, or acoustic, waves. The therapy heads of the Lymphstar Pro deliver these vibrations through the surface of the Pyrex glass emitters within the heads. This acoustic wave – front delivers thousands of micro-pulsations into the skin, creates a gentle, pulsing pressure. It is specifically engineered to replicate the type of motion used in manual lymph drainage, but with an extremely rapid sequence of pulses that cannot be done by hand!
Second, vibrational, or energy is further transmitted through a mild electro-static energy field that impinges on the skin of the user. It is transmitted through the glass tube also. This allows dilation of the vessels via the sympathetic nerves to establish a current flow, from arteriole, to plasma fluid, to lymph vessel.
And, the third dimension of the Lymphstar’s technology is achieved by using multiple treatment points and our pulse – rate controller. By placing two treatment heads at different locations on the body, you generate a “field effect” over the entire area between the heads.
We call this effect electro-pressure. With thousands of micro-pulsations vibrating at 2 locations at the same time, the response is to elicit a wider stimulation of flow within the Lymphatics!

The benefits of the Lymphstar Pro

May improve:
– Oedema, Fibrotic condition including breast lumps
– Fibromyalgia, chronic pain
– Allergies, sinus symptoms, headaches
– Hormone imbalance
– Lymphoedema

– Procedures such as Plastic Surgery, Laser Resurfacing and Micro Dermabrasion
– Maintenance of a functional immune system
– Anti-aging regimes

-All weight and cellulite reduction therapies
– Greater vitality
– Athletic performance; decreases muscle and tendon pain
– Detoxification of tissues

The Lymphstar Pro can also help the repair of injuries to tendons, ligaments, cartilage and nerves. It even assists with the rebounding from everyday stress and strains and discomfort from flu and colds.

How much will it cost?

$120 – One session 60 minutes

$560 – 5 prepaid sessions (Save $40)

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