Lymphstar Pro/Fusion

Utilising electronic and manual stimulation for fluid acceleration
How does the Lymphstar Pro/Fusion work?

The Lymphstar Pro provides a unique type of low energy field:

Protein structure in healthy tissues is always in a state of alignment. However these structures break down as cells die or are damaged. When these proteins are not fully removed by the lymph system, pathologies occur in the body. These non-functional proteins have randomly organised structure (fibrotic condition), causing them to attract water and hold it by electrcal bonding. This is Oedema.

The Lymphstar Pro floods the skin with negative ions, creates separation of these randomly bonded proteins and removes them into the lymph system. The mild stimulation of the sympathetic nerves around the vessel improves lymph flow. The method of pulsing low frequencies (under 1000Hz range) with high harmonics creates rhythmic pulsations.

Multi Chromatic Head:

This is recommended for acute and chronic pain conditions such as:
– Muscle injuries, tendinitis, bursitis, sprains
– TMJ, shoulder and neck pain, arthritis, neuralgia and overuse pain
– Surgery (including plastic surgery) and soreness from dental procedures

The benefits of the Lymphstar Pro

May improve:
– Oedema, Fibrotic condition including breast lumps
– Fibromyalgia, chronic pain
– Allergies, sinus symptoms, headaches
– Hormone imbalance
– Lymphoedema

– Procedures such as Plastic Surgery, Laser Resurfacing and Micro Dermabrasion
– Maintenance of a functional immune system
– Anti-aging regimes

-All weight and cellulite reduction therapies
– Greater vitality
– Athletic performance; decreases muscle and tendon pain
– Detoxification of tissues

The Lymphstar Pro can also help the repair of injuries to tendons, ligaments, cartilage and nerves. It even assists with the rebounding from everyday stress and strains and discomfort from flu and colds.

What makes the Lymphstar Pro unique:

Interactive Therapies has the only Lymphstar Pro/Fusion machine in Auckland

We have been working with one of our clients using a protocol for lymphoedema that differs from the current CPT that is given within hospitals. This technique is Lymphatic Enhancement Technology, which utilises electronic and manual stimulation for fluid acceleration, and is a new and innovative approach to treating the lymphatic system.

Combining both the Lymphstar Pro/FusionĀ® and manual stimulation techniques, Lymphatic Enhancement improves lymph fluid acceleration. The Lymphstar Pro/FusionĀ® provides various fields of low vibration energy provided by radio frequency waves, with the intention of stimulating the lymphatic capillaries to increase fluid flow as well as break down protein-rich fluid in the tissue space.

Over a recent one year study, conducted by Desiree De Spong, Aetiology Ltd, it was found that when treating three post breast cancer lymphoedema cases, using impedimed XCA measure, the baseline improved after six treatments and has continued to maintain with a one six weekly treatment over the one year period. As part of this research Desiree was awarded a research fellowship with Flinders University in Adelaide to work alongside Prof Neil Pillar to explore the short term impact of gentle mild frequency vibration delivered to the chest wall and axillary area in patients with clinically diagnosed breast and chest wall lymphoedema secondary to breast cancer surgery. The results for this trial are currently being compiled and will be available for publication in the near future.

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How much will it cost?

One Session
$109.00 (includes GST)

5 Prepaid Sessions
$505.00 (includes GST)(save $40)

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Treatments are approximately 50 minutes in duration.

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