Infrared Body Wrap

Tired of feeling frumpy and overweight?
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Relax and let your body workout while lying down, it’s as easy as that .
What is Infrared Body Wrap ?

Infrared Body Wrap is the band of light we perceive as heat. We cannot see this band of light with the naked eye, but we can feel this type of light in the form of heat. Our sun produces most of its energy output in the infrared segment of the spectrum.
Infrared rays heat your body without having to heat the air in-between, through a process called conversion.


Silicone pads will be wrapped around the following targeted areas:  the arms, abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs.

The subsequent benefits of the one-hour treatment to the client include stress reduction, pain relief, skin rejuvenation, cellular detoxification as well as burning 970 to 1,460 calories per treatment session, aiding in weight loss, body contouring and slimming.


The session lasts  fifty minutes with five minutes to change clothes at the start and five minutes on completion. Wear cotton clothing, perhaps sports pants and long sleeve T-shirt and have a change of clothes. Avoid synthetic material that would make the experience unpleasant as you will be sweating. An Infrared Body Wrap session is a pleasant experience. You may even fall asleep!


Infrared Body Wrap Treatment continues to burn calories for up to 24 hours after treatment due to an elevated metabolism!


Your water intake will help flush toxins and waste products from your body as your metabolism improves. Drinking water before, during and after treatment is recommended. Used in conjunction with dieting, the loss is greater than for those who aren’t. It is recommended that you keep your carbohydrate intake down for 24 hours after each treatment. As with any treatment, we will discuss any existing medical conditions you have before treatment starts, and if you are unsure, consult your doctor.


The results will vary from person to person.

How Infrared Body Wrap treatment works

It’s hard to believe that your body can be working out while you simply lie down and relax. With Infrared Body Wrap, it is possible!

In just 1 hour session, you can burn up to 1400 calories or more and potentially see and feel the results immediately.

The core temperature of our body is 37 degrees Celsius and constantly reduces toward the outside. Consequently, the outer areas of the body tend to be around 10 degrees Celsius colder and this is where excess fat is typically deposited.

In order to achieve body toning, it is necessary to undergo sustained cardiovascular exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes, 3 to 4 times per week. During exercise, the body temperature rises and sweat is generated as the body attempts to cool itself. At the same time, the heart works harder pumping blood at a greater rate to boost circulation. Heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate increase, while diastolic blood pressure drops, improving overall cardiovascular fitness and burning off fat deposits.


Infrared Body Wrap is a safe, fast and highly effective way to reshape your body, improve the appearance of the skin and muscle definition.

It also helps remove toxins.


The results will vary from person to person.


Based on clinical trials and results from customers, you could expect to lose one clothes size in 8-10 sessions. The sessions need to be 2-3 days apart.

It depends on the physiological make-up of each individual. Generally, the greater the excess weight being carried, the faster and more dramatic the reshaping results will be. Some people will not experience significant weight loss at all but will see improved body shaping, losing inches or clothing/dress sizes.

Obviously, the more physically active a person is, the greater the benefits that can be achieved from Infrared Body Wrap. Common sense dictates that if a client is on a Infrared Body Wrap program and then eats or drinks excessively most of the results will be negated. Ideally, Infrared Body Wrap will be of most value with a balanced exercise and sensible diet. Clients that lead a very sedentary lifestyle can still achieve great results over a longer period assuming that they exercise adequate control over dietary and other general health factors.

However, as previously indicated, results will be dependent on each person’s particular make up and physiology.

What are the benefits of Infrared Body Wrap?

Infrared Body Wrap treatments are noninvasive.

The heat generated by the treatment penetrates deep into the body where fat deposits exist, the result is increased rate of metabolism which breaks up fat tissues releasing more energy. This enables  to aid the following:


Stimulate Weight Loss / Body Contouring

Increase Metabolism, burn calories and weight loss as you relax in the gentle far-infrared heat, your body is actually working hard producing sweat, pumping blood and burning calories. As your body increases sweat production to cool itself, your heart will work harder to pump blood at a greater rate to boost circulation. This increases your metabolism and  will burn calories.


Pain Relief

Heat creating an analgesic effect brings temporary pain relief. Promoting blood circulation to affected areas can aid in the healing of muscle and soft tissue injuries such as sprain, strain, arthritis, muscle spasm.



Many people go out of there way not to sweat, especially women. Sweating is a natural and beneficial process. Toxins are both water based and oil based. The heat generated by the Infrared Body Wrap can stimulate the sweat glands and in combination with increased blood circulation can help release built up toxins and waste trapped in cells and tissues.


Improved skin tone

Pores may clog up for a variety of reasons and sweating helps the cleansing process, helping to improve skin condition and making it more supple. Promoting additional oxygen-enriched blood into areas where there is scar tissue may also aid the skin regeneration process.


Helps with water retention

People with mild forms of fluid retention around the ankles and feet can use the Infrared Body wrap to target these areas by using the variable wraps on the areas with fluid build up


Reduced Stress


Improved immune system


How safe is Infrared Body Wrap

Infrared is a well proven technology that has been employed for a long time, by many people the world over, for relieving aches and pains, usually by way of small lamps. Panels that produce infrared rays are used in hospitals to warm newborn babies, so the technology behind the Infrared  system is not a new concept.

The sun produces most of its energy output in the infrared spectrum and our bodies produce infrared heat to keep us warm. We radiate infrared at 3-50 microns with most of the output at 9.4 microns. The Infrared system works with theses wavebands.

Infrared treatments are noninvasive.

What our clients say

“I’m halfway through a course of Infrared Body Wrap treatments and it’s just fantastic! I came across Interactive Therapies while doing a online search for back massages and wanted to try the Infrared treatment as I had never tried it before. The staff here are wonderful and you feel really relaxed after a 60 minute session. Even though it’s very hot in there, I usually manage to fall asleep! It’s a really nice way to end the day after a hard day at work. I would thoroughly recommend Interactive Healing Therapies to anyone.”
Thimali Rajapaksa


“Before treatment, I needed a kick start for my training and weight loss goals. My body felt tense and heavy. After treatment, I felt very relaxed, my muscles were relaxed. I also had an overall feeling of wellbeing. The staff team are professional and welcoming. I would definitely recommend the experience.”
Jannitta Pilisi

“I came in yesterday for the infra red treatment. I had the best sleep that I can ever remember in a long time as I’ve had disturbed sleep almost every night for  two years.”  Katreene K

How much does it cost?
-One session $85
-6 prepaid sessions $450 (Save $60)
-10 prepaid sessions $650 (Save 200 )

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