Altearah Eaux de Parfum

Colours closely linked to my mood.
Because beauty and well-being are inseparable.
What are Altearah Eaux de Parfum?

Altearah Bio opens the way to aromatherapy, source of well-being and beauty, with its line of colour aroma-cosmetic products based on the influence of colours and scents on the mood and energy of the moment.

Colours to breathe in

Eaux De Parfum:

The effects of these fragrances – which are inspired from Aromatherapy – are promoted by your mood as your body draws you to the right choice for you.

This fabulous organic range is available in a variety of beautiful fragrances.

Colour Therapy

Provided invisibly as you go about your everyday life.

Gently Inhaled, these fragrances give you the support you need to maintain well-being as you go about your daily life. Your own fragrances may also be blended into your massage to enhance your treatment.

What is the colour of your mood?


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