Altearah Eaux de Parfum

“One Colour, One Emotion: A Unique Approach”

Well being Perfumes made with organic essential oils
What are Altearah Eaux de Parfum?

Altearah Organic have simplified the use of aromatherapy
and chromotherapy by formulating  5 ready-to-use combinations of essential oils.
Each synergy representing a unique colour and a promise of emotional well-being.

Colours to breathe in

Eaux De Parfum:

At Altearah, our Intuition is that the colour that first attracts your attention reflects the synergy that your mind and body are craving at this moment.

Altearah emerald      Altearah royal purple    Altearah white    Altearah orange    Altearah turquoise

Colour Therapy

Provided invisibly as you go about your everyday life.

Gently Inhaled, these fragrances give you the support you need to maintain well-being as you go about your daily life. Your own fragrances may also be blended into your massage to enhance your treatment.

What is the colour of your mood?

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