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Do you have loose skin? Do you want to get rid of those stubborn
lumps and bumps? Do you want softer, younger skin?
Do something today! Regen can help you and its all pain free!
TriPollar Facial Contouring & Skin Tightening

TriPollar treatments exclusively utilize the effects of combining Uni-polar RF
and Bi-polar RF energies in one applicator to simultaneously heat deep and
shallow tissue layers all the while protecting the surface skin. Now, making it
easier and faster than ever to smooth, tighten and regenerate the skins
collagen without any injections, surgery or downtime.

By providing selective dual electro-heating in one applicator, TriPollar treatments deliver deep RF energy penetration to the deep dermis and subcutaneous layer without damaging the healthy tissues. Heating both the areas with most resistance, the fat cells, as well as the collagen fibres covering these cells. Regeneration occurs by an increase of fibroblast activity, the contraction of collagen, and a re-modelling of new collagen and other dermal matrix proteins.

The elastic fibres of the skin, collagen and elastin are produced by a skin cell,
the fibroblast. As they contract, collagen strands are pulled closer resulting in
immediately tightened skin (immediate results). Followed by collagen remodelling and regeneration over the full treatment course (long term results).

Clinically proven on all skin types to regenerate collagen, tighten and tone the skin and improve overall skin laxity. TriPollar treatments can gently and effectively tighten the skin on your face, neck, arms.

This advanced TriPollar RF technology eliminates the need for skin cooling altogether by allowing the necessary heat to target cells and produce an even faster outcome, ultimately resulting in a safer treatment with immediate visible results from the first visit.

Benefits of TriPollar Body Sculpting & Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite is a change in the fat stored under the skin, appearing as dimples or ripples in the skin. It affects most women. In fact studies have shown that about 80% of women over the age of 18 have some degree of cellulite. Yes, even in thin women!

Dimpled or rippling skin commonly referred to as cottage cheese or orange peel is mostly found on the thighs, buttocks and stomach. Focal heating of the fat cells in these specific areas increases the rate at which liquid fat is released from the heated tissue.

Regen, exclusively powered by TriPollar RF Technology, and effectively treats cellulite at the root of the problem. TriPollar’s unique configuration selectively heats the fat cells under the skin without adversely affecting the surrounding tissues, wherein increasing metabolism and secretion of liquid fat. At the same time, simultaneously heating deep and superficial layers of fat, doing so by combining the dual effects of mono-polar RF and bipolar RF in one applicator.

TriPollar RF Technology treats skin of all colours gently and effectively. Moreover, unlike older RF technology, Regen with this patented TriPollar technology eliminates the need for skin or applicator cooling – enhancing treatment efficacy, resulting in fewer treatments sessions and a reduction in fat.

The benefits of TriPollar RF Technology

Treatment is not painful –TriPollarTM™ RF technology focuses the RF energy right where it is needed requiring much lower energy than other RF technologies, thus avoiding the associated pain for the client.

Treatment of both superficial and deeper fat layers – The TriPollar RF technology uses sophisticated algorithms to control the treatment electrodes varying the current and polarity to achieve variable energy focus in different fat layers resulting in visible clinical results from the first treatment.

Selective heating of fat tissue – The TriPollar RF technology directs energy selectively to fat tissue avoiding heating to other tissues thus achieving better clinical results.

No cooling of skin or applicator is needed – The TriPollar RF configuration and sophisticated control algorithm eliminates the need for skin and applicator cooling resulting in more efficient treatment and requires less treatment sessions.

Fewer treatment sessions – TriPollar RF technology delivers focused energy achieving better and faster results. Light technology not required – applicable for all skin types and colours.

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How much will it cost?

Skin tightening programme
$165.00 Single Session (includes GST)

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10 sessions + 1 Infrared Body Wrap Free
$1450.00 (includes GST)

Regen is also included in certain Endermologie packages as a bonus treatment.

Number of treatments: Similar to any results-driven treatment, multiple treatments are required. The quantity is determined by your age, facial concerns and what your desired outcomes and expectations are.

You will be booked in with a Regen Therapist for 30min; treatments are 25 minutes in duration.

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