Low Laser Therapy

Suffering from Ulcers, Fibrosis, Lymphoedema, Herpes, Shingles?
Got acne, skin conditions and scarring? Got any sores or wounds that just won’t heal?
Sports injuries taking you away from your game?
Book in for an appointment today, Low Laser Therapy can help you
What is Low Laser Therapy (or Soft Therapy)?

Lasers have been around since the 1960’s and were first used in Hungary.
They were used in the treatment of bedsores and ulcers, and increased rates
of healing were noticed. Laser stands for “Light Amplification by Stimulated
Emission of Radiation”.

The laser does not produce heat so can be used for a large variety of treatments where other modalities cannot.

What can Low Laser Therapy be used for?

• Scars especially painful scars Fibrosis
• Sports Injuries Swelling
• Inflammatory Conditions (e.g. Arthritis) Wound Healing
• Delayed Union of Fractures Ulcers
• Acne and other skin conditions Pain Relief
• Lymphoedema Muscular-Skeletal
• Herpes and shingles

When the laser light penetrates the skin, the energy is absorbed andscattered. Laser does not penetrate through healthy bone however, giving pain relief in fractures of osteoporotic bones. Laser has a primary effect at the time of treatment and a delayed effect. For pain relief, the maximum pain reduction is 6-8 hours after treatment. The laser has its greatest effect on tissues affected by a generally deteriorating condition, infection or injury. In normal functioning tissues there is no noticeable effect.

Depth depends upon the wavelength of the laser. 632nm penetrates to 8mm and the 904nm penetrates to 35mm. The colour of skin also determines penetration depth – dark pigment reduces the amount of energy absorbed.
The laser is safe to use over metal and plastic joint replacements.

Contra-indications are:
• Direct treatment of eyes

• Over a pregnant uterus

• Neoplasms
• Pacemakers

The laser is excellent for regeneration of nerves, muscles and lymph vessels. Longstanding scar tissue from radiotherapy and surgery can be softened and then massaged and stretched.

Painful scars with nerves stuck down in the scar tissue can be mobilised and can then tolerate massage and stretching. Scarring of vocal cords – laser on the neck has actually returned some patients’ speech.

We use Low Laser treatment as a complementary device included with other treatments.

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