Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Do you suffer from fluid retention and bloating? Feeling sluggish and tired? Old injuries still niggling away at you?
Don’t like your swollen aching calves and ankles? Just feeling fed up?
Don’t put up with aches and pains, book an appointment Manual Lymphatic Drainage can help you!
What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is a gentle manual pumping technique done without oil, and is not like a normal massage which would be too forceful.

Measured, soft and rhythmical pressure is carried out in a logical order from the articular lymph nodes to the extremities: undulatory effects are created within the fluid of the body.

MLD was developed in Europe in the 1930s by Dr. Emile Vodder and has been recognised as a valuable part of many different treatments.

What are the effects of MLD?

They are numerous, generally affecting the nervous system, smooth muscles, fluid movement in the connective tissue and maybe the immune system. MLD stimulates the contraction of the lymph vessels, helping to move the lymph forward and drain the connective tissue. This therapeutic technique has been well researched scientifically in Europe.

What are the benefits of MLD?

• MLD drains the local oedema (swelling) and haematoma (bruise) developed   during the operation
• It treats the surgical scar
• It regenerates the broken lymph vessels

Pre operation MLD

Doctors and anaesthetists report that pre operative MLD creates very favourable healing results by relaxing the nervous system and preparing the inner milieu (environment).

Before your operation it is beneficial to have a treatment before surgery and to discuss any questions you may have. A couple of treatments prior to the surgery will speed up the healing process.

Post operative MLD

During an operation, blood vessels are cut and lymph vessels can be damaged. Red blood cells and large molecular material must be drainedvia the initial lymph vessels (under the skin) as obligatory lymph load.

If the trauma causes severe pain the lymph vessels contract spastically, hindering the drainage of the lymph fluid. If no treatment follows, the haematoma will be organised, in other words, connective tissue cells establish themselves and form numerous collagen fibres (granulation tissue). We are all familiar with the hardened or gelatinous remnants of a bruise.

If MLD is started promptly,
the bruise can be drained along the lymph vessels before it becomes organised. Furthermore, MLD alleviates pain, so that drainage strokes can be carried out, not just at the edge of the bruise, but over it entirely.

New scars cease itching, the deep reddening becomes light and scar tensions slacken somewhat.

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How much will it cost?

$95.00 Single session (includes GST)

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You will be booked in with a MLD Therapist for 1 hour; treatments are 50 minutes in duration.

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