Formostar Infrared Body Wrap

“I’m halfway through a course of Infrared Body Wrap treatments and it’s just fantastic! I came across Interactive Healing Therapies while doing a online search for back massages and wanted to try the Infra Red treatment as I had never tried it before. The staff here are wonderful and you feel really relaxed after a 50 minute session. Even though it’s very hot in there, I usually manage to fall asleep! It’s a really nice way to end the day after a hard day at work. I would thoroughly recommend Interactive Healing Therapies to anyone.”
Thimali Rajapaksa

“Before treatment, I needed a kick start for my training and weight loss goals. My body felt tense and heavy. After treatment, I felt very relaxed, my muscles were relaxed. I also had an overall feeling of wellbeing. The staff team are professional and welcoming. I would definitely recommend the experience.”
Jannitta Pilisi

I came in yesterday for the infra red treatment. I had the best sleep that I can ever remember in a long time as I’ve had disturbed sleep almost every night for  two years.  Katreen K 

“I come to Interactive once a week for the last 3 months. I had Endermologie and Regen on my tummy and Endermolift on my face. Now my tummy has reduced a lot and my face is tighter. My firmer tummy lets me wear better fitting clothes and regain confidence, I think it is money well spent.
If you want to improve your confidence I would recommend this place. You won’t de disappointed.”

“I first came to Interactive Therapies for treatment after major surgery about six years ago, so they were on my radar, when, four years ago I started noticing my legs did not look as good as they used to!
Since that time, I have been having an annual course of endermologie. I love the way it smoothes out my body shape, firms and tones. My skin softens as well.
It is certainly not all I do to keep slim and fit but it is now an essential part of my maintenance routine. The results are noticeable very quickly, and usually by my husband first!

“After extensive research I decided Interactive Therapies could benefit my recovery & time greatly improve the entire healing process. Over the course of several weeks… my skin tone has greatly improved… the number number of people that have commented on my healthy “glow” is astounding!   I have rather large hips and for years they felt cold to the touch (poor circulation).  That is not the case now,  rather the opposite.  I personally believe this is due to the various treatments I’ve had.  I intend having Liposuction in this area and am feeling quite optimistic the results will be enhanced because of improved circulation, not only in this area – but “all over”.

Either pre or post surgery (preferably both) I would have no hesitation is saying that “Interactive Therapies” will be of great benefit to your well being. Therapists  are a pleasure to work with and their level of professionalism – envied!”
Marianne White 


“I am so grateful to have found Interactive Therapies.
Not only have the treatments been almost miracle in relieving the pain in my back and in my knee but the therapist knowledgeable, gentle and caring instruction has helped to see me on a path for Improved Health. I honestly can’t fully express how fortunate I feel that she exists.”
Jon Freedman

“Having arrived with a very stiff back, I now feel stretched out, “melted” and “relaxed”. Interactive  Therapies treatments always leave me feeling incredibly relaxed and re-balanced. I highly recommend to anyone in need of some real TLC.”
Michele Harrod


I was referred to Interactive Therapies to treat lymphoedema from post surgery/radiation treatment. I was hopeful, but pessimistic that I would get any improvement or results, but have been totally astounded. Catherine and Mei have been amazing at treating my condition gently and extremely effectively.

From when I first presented (3 months ago) until now I have seen a noticeable step change in the physical condition each week. My swelling has decreased to a point that it is barely noticeable now – a 300% improvement! This treatment has been so worthwhile I sped up my scarring recovery too.

I can’t recommend their services highly enough. Thank you for all you have done for me. It’s much appreciated.
Jayne Hope

“Thank you for the treatments – they have given me immense relief.
It is hard to even recall now the heaviness that was in my arm a few weeks ago.”
Katrina Britton 

“After lymph node removal and radiation for melanoma I experienced discomfort and swelling in my left arm. I have had treatments and have found great improvement. I have no hesitation in recommending Interactive Therapies as a professional, caring clinic. Their support and advice has been very worthwhile and knowledgeable.”
Gwen Parry

Post Surgery

“The treatments helped physically relax the muscles and give ability to move.
Just having someone to talk to who has had a lot of previous clients go through similar experiences made it easier. I always looked forward to the next session as it seemed to have helped with the healing and after the sessions the fluids drained faster. I don’t know where I’d be without the sessions.”
Sainash Ali 

“After having a breast augmentation and extensive lipo, I was keen to ensure I got the best results post-op, especially as I’d had my procedures overseas. So I wanted to be sure I was recovering as I should. Coming to Interactive Therapies  was perfect because they were able to give me feedback on my recovery and reassurance that all was as it should be.

The treatments have definitely helped and I feel my results will be a lot better and recovery faster because of the treatments and the therapists  extensive experience. I’m really pleased that I found such a professional with this specialty. It’s made a very positive difference. Thank you Interactive.”
M.F. Auckland

“I would like to share with you that the treatment, advice and support I have been given by you and your staff was outstanding. You explained everything in detail and reassured me by explaining the procedures and expected results.

As you are aware I am being televised in relation to my treatment and will be commending the importance of your treatment to achieve the desired results. You and your staff have exceeded all my expectations in every way and I shall continue to use you and promote to my friends and networks, the level of professionalism you show.

Further I shall be discussing with my surgeon that your services should be a non negotiable part of all similar procedures, as  the results I am getting would not be as good – far from it actually without your imput.

My feedback in short is 10 out of 10 in every way. You even accommodate me on your day off. Many, many thanks.”
Steven M Horne

Lymphatic Drainage

“The surgery while invasive proved far less traumatic directly as a result of my pre and post surgery treatments. They were instrumental in the speedy and painless recovery. I wholeheartedly recommend their services.”
A satisfied client 

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the treatment I had this morning.   Now I am back home my sense of smell and taste has transformed – it’s actually quite overwhelming.  I actually want to eat a hundred things just taste them (practically been without a sense of taste for two years!) Thank you to the therapist who did such an amazing number on me, I am so appreciative. I’ll see you next week – probably 5kg’s heavier! Many thanks indeed!
Vicky L


“I was very tight around the shoulder blade. Cupping made a big difference to the tightness. Felt much freer movement and less tight after treatment and I had greater flexibility of shoulder blade and back. I felt great for 3-4 days after the treatment.”
Prudence Park

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